Tuesday, December 18, 2012

International Commercial Arbitration In India

ADR may be used for both national as well as international dispute resolution. One area that actively looks upon ADR as a preferential mode of dispute resolution is international commercial arbitration. International commercial arbitration in India has also invoked interest of foreign investors and international business community.

International commercial arbitration is no more the simple one as it used to be. The emerging trends in International commercial arbitration indicate that it has become complicated and more demanding. This is especially true when information and communication technology (ICT) is used for dispute resolution. The advent of online dispute resolution (ODR) and e-courts are classic example of the same. Further, ODR is no more just technical or legal. Rather it has become techno legal in nature.

Both online dispute resolution in India and international commercial arbitration in India have been trying their level best to cope up with the contemporary international standards. However, even the international standards are themselves not uniform and there is an urgent need to have harmonised standards for ODR.

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