Friday, December 7, 2012

Computer Forensics Courses In India

Computer forensics is not an easy task. Rather it is a complicated procedure that requires great cyber skills development. Computer forensics in India is still at its youth stage. This is so because there is a general lack of legal enablement of ICT systems in India that can strengthen computer forensics research, education and training in India.

We have a single techno legal cyber forensics research, training and educational institution in India. It is managed by Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB). The centre is providing techno legal computer forensics education, trainings and course in India through its online platform.

The present course is a basic level course and highly specialised courses would also be provided in future. The same would be managed by Perry4Law Techno Legal ICT Training Centre (PTLITC).

Application form for the enrollment to various courses, internships and trainings can be downloaded from here and more details about the courses of PTLB can be found here.

See Cjnews India for more.

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