Monday, December 10, 2012

Draft Electronic Service Delivery Bill, 2011

Electronic delivery of services in India is still a distant dream. Despite many rounds of policy formulations, India is still waiting for a law that can ensure electronic delivery of services.

Even after 11 years of formulation of the IT Act, 2000 Indian government is not confident and willing to provide mandatory e-governance services in India.

This is clear from the recent draft electronic services delivery bill, 2011 of India (ESD Bill 2011). However, the real problem with Indian E-Governance Initiatives in general and proposed ESD Bill 2011 in particular is that Legal Framework for Mandatory Electronic Services Delivery in India is missing from it, says Praveen Dalal, Supreme Court lawyers and Managing Partner of India’s exclusive techno legal law firm Perry4Law.

See Cjnews India for more.

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