Sunday, December 9, 2012

Regulatory And Legislative Measures To Check Online Pharmacies Trading In Banned Drugs In India

We have no dedicated e-commerce laws and regulations in India. Further, we also do not have any dedicated e-health laws and regulations in India. In fact, e-health in India is facing legal roadblocks and in the absence of regulatory and legislative measures, online pharmacies are growing unregulated. In the present circumstances, the legal enablement of e-health in India is urgently required.

However, even more grave are the concerns originating out of the use of e-trading for medical and non medical drugs in India. E-trading of medical drugs in India must be undertaken only after complying with the laws of India. There are many cyber laws due diligence requirements in India that e-traders of medical drugs in India must comply. Similarly, foreign websites targeting India for this purpose must also comply with Indian law in order to do legitimate business in India.

See E-Commerce Laws And Regulations In India for more.

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